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OCP Equity Partners, LLC

The mission of OCP Equity Partners, LLC (OCP) is to acquire and build high quality, top-performing middle market businesses and create maximum economic value for all stakeholders. 
OCP works collaboratively with its partners to create scalable, high-performing middle market businesses by combining strategic advisory expertise with capital, joint-venture, and partnership solutions.

We seek to partner and align our interests with talented management teams to help companies and business owners achieve their strategic goals and unlock long-term shareholder value. Our senior team has extensive principal investment, transactional and operational experience. This is a value-added approach to working with an experienced management team that will help develop a tailored investment thesis to transform and grow the businesses.

OCP Equity Partners, LLC

Founded in Dallas TX in 2005, OCP served as co-manager to the Erasmus Advisors and Pinnacle Capital co-investment funds sponsored by Aldus Equity Partners. These funds had $350 million of combined capital that were deployed into direct private equity transactions as a co-investor with top-tier private equity funds.

As an advisor to the Erasmus and Pinnacle funds, OCP was responsible for originating, analyzing, and packaging transactions. Once this process was completed, then OCP identified the appropriate private equity fund to co-invest in the transaction.

There were many high quality transactions that OCP analyzed that did not fit the investment criteria of the Erasmus or Pinnacle funds. Under these circumstances, OCP became either the advisor to raise the capital necessary to close the transaction; or in collaboration with other investors and operators, the buyer.

Case Studies: acquiring and building businesses

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